Writer's Block: You Ate What?
What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? Would you eat it again?
Weirdest thing...hmm.
I ate tree bark.
And no, never again.

Writer's Block: Word for Word
How many (if any) songs do you know by heart? What are they?
All of Paramore's songs.
And like a billion J-pop songs.
And some of Caramell's songs. Not all though.

And and and..
Got a 98 on the last Math test of the year.

Could have gotten a 99, but I messed up on the extra credit.
It was so easy, now that I think about it.

I will blast this shit on the bus on the last day of school.

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When I Get Older..
I really wanna become a Deception Detector.
It sounds like a lot of fun.
And if it's anything like Lie To Me.. then it must be awesome.
I gotta work hard for it., but it'll be worth it.
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Writer's Block: Home Cooking
When was the last time you cooked for yourself? What did you make?
Ramen. XD

Writer's Block: Folktales of the City
What is your favorite urban legend? Have you or anyone you know ever been fooled by one?
The only urban legend that I believed in when I was little was the Bermuda Triangle. That used to scare me so much.

Writer's Block: Wardrobe Malfunction
Broken zippers, split seams, straps that come untied at the most embarrassing moment possible—what's your most memorable experience with an unexpected wardrobe malfunction?
There have been times where I've done my laundry, but somehow my sister's pants gotten into my pile.
Two times have I worn my sister's jeans to school. HOLY SHIT.
I got a rash from the tightness of them.

Writer's Block: Historian's Choice
If you could live in any era of history, which one would you choose?
Late 19th century in Sicily.  That's where the Cosa Nostra began.


Haven't been on here in a long time.

Not much has happened since my last post.
..Or maybe I'm lying. Because I'm about to say a lot of stuff. Haha

Well, I turned in my Research Project a couple weeks ago. I forgot to label the front of each page, so that's points off.
Besides that, I think I did okay.

Anime North is slowly arriving.. but luckily I have my cosplay ready!
I hope my friends are ready as well.
It's gonna be a lot of fun, hopefully. xP

My birthday is coming soon.. it seems like every year it comes by so quickly. Haha.
Of course, my friends and I are going to walk to an ice cream place near my house (appropriatley named Frosty's.)
After that, we're gonna go to my friends house to play some BATTLEDORE!
Which is Badminton for the people playing at home.

*goes to change icon*

Writer's Block: Get Real
What reality show would you most want to be a contestant on? What would your strategy for winning be?
Star King! :3 Me and Harley could talk about campy things and we'd instantly win.


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