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From Nervous.. To Amazing!
Today was a great day.
First and second period were nothing but laughs.
Leave it to Steve to constantly ask Foo what he's doing later, and if he wants to hang out.
Third period comes around.. and the nerves kick up.
I had my French speaking task during study hall, and I had no idea what I'd do.
When I get there, my heart is POUNDING.
Like crazy..
But luckily for me, I picked really easy topics::
"Your friend has just come back from a trip to Italy. Ask her how her trip was."
"You are at a tailor, and you must pick out clothes for tonight. Tell the clerk what you need to be prepared".
I got a 24/24!

(Lussuria and his Peacock Dance FTW)
I always stress out over these speaking tasks, but every single time, I get 100%!
It's crazy.
After that, I got a huge self-esteem boost, and it carried out throughout the whole day!
I hope tomorrow will be like this too.
It probably won't be, though, because I have Gym.


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